Cosplay (Costume Play) is a hobby I do in my spare time involving the fabrication of props, crafting, and sewing to bring a character to life.

Firstly, for reference, here’s some images of classic Heather!

And then we have my many other forms…

I typically cosplay characters that have interesting personalities and designs, and cosplay them regardless of that character's gender. I tend to fixate on a few parts of the character costume that pique my interest and put a lot of love and detail into those pieces. Sometimes the result is a conglomerate of items from my closet and very finely made accessories or intricate makeup. A lot of my cosplays are in a constant state of improvement, and I start new ones yearly.

I specialize in a few areas including wig-making and crafting accessories and props.


My process for making a wig is pretty different from most. I actually convert and use acrylic yarn as the "hair" in my wigs. I've been commissioned to create several of these yarn wigs and plan to continue to make many more for myself and others.  My process isn't a secret, though I am still working on a video detailing my most up to date methods.


I love to design and craft as much of the aspects a costume myself as I can. Painting a prop is arguably one of my favorite parts of the process. One cosplay accessory I make often are yarn horns. Yes another yarn creation. It tends to be kind of a running theme with my cosplays.  My favorite materials to use when crafting and fabricating are foam, thermoplastic, and oftentimes yarn.

Cosplay also can involve acting, and I love to play with expression and emotive portrayal when in cosplay. Most of my recent experience in acting  comes from my own practice and play while portraying these characters. It may be silly, but I believe doing this has made me a stronger animator as well.

Video examples coming soon