A personal showcase of a variety of projects I’ve loved working on! Enjoy!

A LOVELY CAGE - Animated Short Film

A 2D animated film that I directed and developed in 2018. I oversaw all aspects of the pipeline including concept development, visual development, character design, animation, editing, compositing, and sound design. I’m so thankful for the team that helped bring this heartwarming short to life.

BASIL AND THYM - Illustrated Web-Story & 2D Animated Short

Initially a 2D Production assignment that challenged me to tackle the entire animated production pipeline… Basil and Thym is now an expansive world told through literary work, illustration, and more. It’s a unique project, collaboratively created by myself and Liz Fox. Every page is a new chance for us to try out new storytelling methods.

This project, the aforementioned production that sparked my interest in this world, was my first extensive use of Toonboom Harmony and gave me a lot of valuable experience. To develop this short, I tackled on character design, visual development, layouts, hand drawn animation, sound design, and compositing.

Since the creation of this short - The universe and characters have been in constant development by myself and my partner Liz Fox. For years we’ve continued to collaborate on the development of their world, characters, and story but recently we’ve found a way to share!

The Basil and Thym  Web-story began production in July 2018 and continues into the present, updating with a new page every Sunday. It’s been extremely personally rewarding to be a part of the world-building, character development, and shaping of this powerful story. Join us to see our tale unfold as we tell a story of found family set in a steampunk-inspired world.


A audio-drama podcast about friendship and adventure...that also teaches you Russian. Created and directed by Pam Cameron. I provided artwork and visual design for Nadia, the main character of the story. My work appears as album art for the podcast, images on their website, and Instagram.

It’s a super unique approach to language learning and I recommend you give it a listen!

CULT OF SUCCESS - SCAD 2D Character Animation II Short

Success  is a collaborative film made by a 2d Character Animation II class and directed by Gabriella Leonard. My participation lasted throughout the pipeline and I worked on several different aspects of the film. I contributed visual development, character design, traditional animation, clean-up animation, puppet animation, and compositing.

Curse of the Sad Mummy Remix - SCAD Intro to Sound Design

Remixed and redesigned the sound for an existing animated short by Riot games as a final assignment. I used the Sound Miner database for sound collection and ProTools to place, clip, edit, and pan all the sound effects.

Check out the original video by Riot as well, because it is just as amazing in its original form.

Miscellaneous Animation tests and Animatics

An animation and lipsync test to one of the iconic lines from a favorite podcast of mine: Welcome to Night Vale. The character is Ogo from Chris Sander's comic Kiskaloo. This was a good exercise in pose-to-pose animation, working with a strict character model, and incorporating subtext.

From the Thrilling Adventure Hour Beyond Belief episode #219 "It's a Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad World" by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker. The goal was to create an Animatic for a scene from an audio clip, and I couldn’t resist working with the radio drama style in TAH. Starring Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster as those married mediums Frank and Sadie Doyle. Hal Lublin as the Spooky narrator and Craig Cackowski as a frog.

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