A Lovely Cage

A 2d Animated Production directed and created by Heather Henning


Through my years at SCAD, I knew I wanted to make a short film and I knew my concept had to be something that would inspire me - that I could give insurmountable dedication, time, and energy to. As concept development time rolled around, I realized Lorel was precisely the muse that I felt would be able to keep my focus. This spunky little creature capable of sustaining me through the countless hours I devoted to capturing and portraying her through animation.

When developing the concept, characters, and visual style I really wanted A Lovely Cage to be something special and appealing. I am very happy with how the design of Love manifested, her design turned out pretty unique to prior depictions of birds in animated media. I especially fell in love with her boxy head and body. Despite the many hours animating Love's character, I can honestly she hasn't lost her appeal on me. I would be so happy to animate her again.

I was insanely lucky to have some amazing collaborators providing much needed assistance during A Lovely Cage’s production . I wouldn't have been able to do this without them, and am very thankful for the invaluable experience of working with a team to achieve an idea larger than myself.

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